Midnight in Paris: A Dead Writers Inspired Cocktail

Hemingway once said, “If you want to know a culture, spend a night in its bars.” And, yes, preach it from on high Hemingway. Buuuuut…there’s something to be said for playing bartender at home. One, it’s a helluva lot cheaper. Two, it’s really, really fun to experiment with your favorite flavors. Three, I get to wear sweat pants. I’m sold.

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This Has Nothing to Do With Cocktails.

…because it’s a minific. After toiling all the live-long day finishing my novel outline and unpacking art {note: finally}, I felt a sudden rush of inspiration while penning my about me page. Turns out, it had nothing to do with cocktails or drinking. Although the inspiration did make me want a sip of something strong and dark and lovely. I love you, mom. Don’t take this the wrong way.

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